Mercedes Rollason has always had a passion for taking photographs. She has studied Photography for 11 years and has continued to photograph and learn after education. Her studies began at Sixth form in 2009 where she knew it was what she wanted to do. Her love for photography took her to Norwich University of the Arts in 2011, where she graduated with Honours in 2015 after taking a year out to have her eldest child. She now lives in the Isles of Ely with her two children and partner.


Mercedes has worked in several areas, such as Customer Service, the Care Industry and in the Funeral Industry working with many types of people. What she learnt in all aspects of her work was memories were the most important thing to a person. People always have a memory behind a photograph.  Giving her passion and reason for her photography.


In 2020 Mercedes decided it was officially time to begin the adventure she always dreamed of.